A Little Scratch

Once Upon a Time…
That’s how these stories tend to start. But this isn’t one of those stories…

Enna and Ford are childhood sweethearts. They’ve been together for as long as anyone can remember. Two halves of a whole. Then one day Ford leaves in the middle of the night, burning down his childhood home so Enna has no way tracking him. Or so he thinks.

But Enna is stubborn and determined to prove to her boyfriend that being a werewolf isn’t enough to make her stop loving him. She’ll be with him no matter the consequences. So she follows his pack for two years, through hell and high water. When she finally manages to catch up to them Ford isn’t the same man she remembers. He turns her away, fighting his own desires for her protection.

When she retreats to a nearby city for the night to regroup and come up with a new plan she is attacked by another member of Ford’s pack. He leaves her for dead, expecting that his bite will kill her. Except it doesn’t.

Enna has now been cursed with a half-life. Not quite human and not quite wolf.

The only way to save her is to take her to the Female Alpha. Only she has the power to save Enna’s life. Only she can give Ford and Enna the happily ever after they want.

Runaway with this retelling of the classic fairy tale The Little Mermaid the latest fairy tale romance from author Kyleigh Castronaro

Join the hoards of people who have loved this story!

I have read every one of Kyleigh Castronaro’s books and I love them! This one was great I couldn’t put it down. Finished it in less than half a day!! – Amazon Reader¬†

I came close to tears several times, willing the impossible, only to have the magic do it for all the characters. This is a twisted take with many differences and so well told by Kyleigh, as expected from other reads.

And yes there is a HEA, but boy… what a ride in getting there! ūüôā – Amazon Reader

This author continues to enthrall me with her fairy tale retelling as she gives it a truly modern twist. An emotional read that tugs at your heart strings and at times it feels like those strings are going to break. – Goodreads Reader

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Important Announcement

Hello my beautifuls… I hope this post finds you well.

It has recently come to my attention that some of the copies of White Frost which I sold two weeks ago at Writers on the River in Peoria did not contain the real manuscript for that story but a mixture of that manuscript and that of Mionanamithe. So I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for this oversight.

As an indie author I don’t have a lot of money to put toward the production costs of my books so I do it all myself and in my rush to produce the paperbacks I have obviously missed something very crucial in my final checks. I am incredibly sorry for that and hopefully, if the right people find me, please reach out to me either here or by my email: kcastronaro@gmail.com and I will be replacing those mixed up copies of the paperback with a legitimate copy, free of charge, sign and shipped to you!

Thanks so much, with love and magic xoxoxox k

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Dagon Arrowwood

“It may be my birthright, but that doesn’t make me better than anyone else. We all have a duty to our kind and this is mine.”


Dagon was born with his pod partner Aviur as a royal Sleagh Maith in Aviar Gloine, the kingdom of the Fae. Dagon and Aviur grew up together training to ascend their rightful positions once they were old enough to claim their spots. Dagon has known from a young age that he was the next in line for the Fae throne and Aviur was assigned to him as his partner and body guard. Their love for each other transcended being just soul-brothers as the love of a Fae is fluid.

Despite this, Dagon has always been looking for his soul mate. Unlike Aviur who loves love, Dagon wanted someone he could settle down with and be with into eternity. Many times he believed he had fallen in love until he met Lena and she changed his mind that all that love up to that point had been lust and suddenly his world is turned upside down for the human girl who mysteriously found her way into the Fae realm.

Look for me in…

Full Name Dagon Arrowwood
Nickname(s) Dag, Your Highness
Main Series Twisted Fairy Tales
Species Fairy РSleagh Maith
Job Crown Prince
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Colour
Build Muscular
Significant Other Aviur and Magdalena
Best Friend Aviur
Worst Enemy Connlaoi/Colin
Tattoos/Scars Gold Celtic knot
Abilities Earth Magic and Swordsman

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Aviur Greentree

“Aviur was like that, he could be a romantic if it suited him but when it didn’t, he didn’t have to be. It was always about having fun.”

Aviur Greentree is the right hand man of the King of Aithar Gloine and commander of the Fae troops, even if he doesn’t seem serious enough for such a prestige position. Born a podling partner to the king of the Fae Aviur has always been Dagon’s other half. The fun half as he likes to tell people. He rarely takes things seriously except for his job of protecting the king. More than anything Aviur knows this job requires the utmost seriousness especially because he mostly has to protect the king from himself. Dagon too easily falls in love while Avuir rarely gives his heart away.

Except when it comes to Dagon. He has always loved his podling partner in a way that intrinsically bound them from the very beginning. Being podling partners just cemented that bound between them. And then Lena came to join them and for a moment he thought that Dagon had found the one. until he realized Dagon had found the one for both of them and before long Aviur’s job changes from protecting the king to protecting the king and his queen.

Look for me in…

Full Name Aviur Greentree
Nickname(s) Avi
Main Series Twisted Fairy Tales
Species Fairy РSleagh Maith
Job Head of the Guard
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour
Build Lean and toned
Significant Other Dagon and Magdalena
Best Friend Dagon
Worst Enemy Connlaoi
Tattoos/Scars Gold Celtic Knot
Abilities Earth Magic and Skilled Combat Fighter

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Magdalena Marigold

“It’s nice for once not having to worry about everything; not constantly feeling on the edge like a war is about to break out inside of me.”

Magdalena Marigold grew up a human. She was raised in a kosher household of two parents and one older brother, in a big house with a white picket fence. It was the stuff of fairy tales; because that’s exactly what it was… A fairy tale. She didn’t realize it but the entire life she had lived was a fantasy, conjured and put into her mind by an angel. But her life is turned upside down when her daughter is kidnapped by a fairy and she finds herself going through the glass to chase after Solenn and hopefully bring her back.

In Aithar Gloine she meets Dagon, the King of the Fae and finds herself so distracted and attracted to him. He is the first man since her baby daddy who has inspired the kind of passion she suddenly feels and she has to make a choice: stay in Aithar Gloine with the Faeries or go home to the life she left behind with Solenn.

Look for me in…

Full Name Magdalena Marigold
Nickname(s) Lena
Main Series Twisted Fairy Tales
Species Angel
Job Unemployed
Height 5’5
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Purple
Build Baby Weight
Significant Other Dagon and Aviur
Best Friend Dagon and Aviur
Worst Enemy Connlaoi/Colin
Tattoos/Scars A white tree
Abilities Angel Magic

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“I am a whisper in the back of my kind‚Äôs mind. My cruelty and viciousness are well known amongst the others, but only a few have actually seen it. That‚Äôs true power.”

Nero is one of many sons of the great Manning – the first vampire. His father raided his village and raped his mother, resulting in him as a bastard son. He wasn’t even claimed by his father until the day his father returned to the village and took his life – turning him into a vampire. Manning’s intention was to create an army of vampires by his sons. With these creatures he intended to rule the world. And it almost worked when Nero ruled over Egypt before the unrest got too much and he faked his death in order to escape his father.

He has been hiding ever since. A few hundred years ago he was one of the first to come over to America, finding a place for himself in the South where he hid and lived to his own convenience. Nero has never wanted to live by the rules that govern the other vampires. Until he meets Isabelle and one simple human woman has the power to turn his world upside down. Now he has to decide whether power is worth the cost of her life.

Look for me in…

Full Name Nero
Nickname(s) Nero
Main Series Twisted Fairy Tales
Species Vampire
Job Lord and Master
Height 5’11
Hair Colour Dirty Blonde
Eye Colour Brown
Build Muscular
Significant Other Isabelle
Best Friend None
Worst Enemy His Father
Tattoos/Scars Several on his chest from battles
Abilities  Mind control and manipulation


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